Analysis on the electric scooters manufacturers double riding scooters in contrast to long lane

Double riding scooter electric scooter manufacturer, and dual treadmill in South Asia, Malaysia and other countries are very popular, 2011 by San Carlo in China in 2013, Korea, and Japan and other East Asian countries started to spread. Dual treadmill in structure, principle and so on are different than the other three skating coaches. This car is on the pedal after the addition of two vertical movement of the pedal, users just under two feet on the pedals------down-stepped on the repetitive motion can drive the car forward. Dual treadmill is intended for young children, its difficulty is low, easy to master, physical fitness, exercise endurance and coordination of children's helper, deeply loved children, are parts of the country caught on. Long Hang cars driving structure very similar to frog, but the principle is similar to dynamic. Dragon road glide speed, driver physical coordination and movement place particularly high environmental requirements.