Do power balance car agents to what conditions

Yesterday I rode my balance go to the square, has a sister asked me the price, 1960, then taught my sister to ride, very satisfied, and quickly learned, then I'm going to eat, said the sister invited me to dinner, then I'm sorry, like crazy sure to please eat, just went. Then we ate, and ate, chatted, chatting with the sister asked me where I bought this car in, my sister when it comes to the power balance of the car is excited, she smiled and said: I've seen this also appear on television, I heard that is very popular in recent years, looks cool, want to do the business. She then raised the issue of a very to the point: do electric balance car agents to what? Electric balancing agent conditions actually want to do is simple: balance 1, electric car has a lot of confidence in this product. Because confidence is so important, no confidence, you may not do it, will certainly not be able to succeed. 2, the interest in electric unicycle-if you're not interested in listening intently studied it, you won't do it. 3, the electric car thinking this work to have a strong sense of professionalism, good working attitude, our business is daring, dare fight, struggle.