Electric Scooters in recent years began to emerge in the domestic

Electric Scooters and cheap, very energy-saving, power charger 6 hours riding more than 20 kilometers, speeds of up to 32 mph, which for all ages (> 12 years old) friend is absolutely suitable for a choice compared with the electric bicycle, handsome in appearance, it is easy to operate, and because the seat low center of gravity, driving more safely. Therefore, the electric scooter has been very popular in foreign countries, and in recent years began to emerge in the country. Is expected in the near future, electric scooter will become a trend, and is bound to set off a trend to save energy. Before and after the shock, perfect damping effect for the ride to truly become a pleasure. Upgraded seat tube, lift the Panel took very convenient battery, electric scooter dirt bike style handle, combined with attractive design, ride it, you become the focus of attention.