From the starting balances the safety of car riders riding

Security awareness is very important to have a proper sense of safety is very important when, fire prevention, self awareness and so on, riding a balanced car, too. First, be sure to abide by traffic regulations. At this stage, no clear legal provisions of the State balance is not a motor vehicle cases, community balance by default into the non-motor vehicles, so riders are in the course of the road, be sure not to enter the motorway, not to speed and motor vehicles. To pull over, or drive on the sidewalks or bike lanes to avoid the risk of motor vehicle crash. Second, no red light, no speeding. As long as they are traveling on the road, you must remember to not run a red light, a pedestrian red light accidents are likely to occur, let alone balanced car. Balance in the car in the process, keep speed within its control, don't speed or speed for a long time, not only in danger of lost control of the car, also likely to engage in excessive speed caused the car fell off human tragedies.