Self-balancing electric vehicle principle

Electric car principle of balance is mainly based on something called "dynamic stability" (Dynamic Stabilization) on the principle of, that is, automatic balancing of the vehicle itself. Built-in precision solid-state gyroscopes (Solid-State Gyroscopes) to determine the posture of the body, under precise and high-speed microprocessors to calculate the appropriate instruction, driving motor to achieve balanced results. Suppose we stood on the car driver and the overall Center of gravity of the vehicle longitudinal axis as a reference line. When the axis tilts forward, smart built-in electric motor inside the body balance will have a power forward, dumping the torque balance on the one hand and the car ahead, acceleration of the vehicles on the one hand, on the other hand, when the gyroscopes found driver's Center of gravity when you lean back, will also have backward force balancing effect. Therefore, as long as the driver changed the angle of his body leaning forward or backward, the smart balance will tilt forward or backward, and the speed and the degree of inclination of the body is proportional to the driver.