For Maintenance Of Stair Treads

1, stair treads production of steel grating, and become the grating itself not the Sun and the temperature difference is too large, if you do not meet the conditions of production of steel grating. Thus the influence of stair treads, stair treads to avoid exposure to strong sunlight for a long time, or steep at room temperature. For these reasons may lead to premature aging of the paint of the tread. 2 pedals, stair handrails, often in contact with the people, that means understanding where shorter life-span than other components, often coated with wax or floor wax protection. In addition, some, time sheet coating of UV-curing coatings and wear, but it's wear resistance is relative, part of it, has some life. In order to avoid wooden tread in use for some time in the corridors of the center of the stairs covered with carpet, color selection by the local severe wear of the master himself. This will not only play a role in protecting the stairs, but to some extent, interspersed with the entire space. Wooden stairs is easy to wet, easy deformation, cracking, flaking paint, and other phenomena.