Galvanized Steel Grating Sense

Welding of galvanized steel grating quality is qualified, the main connection with the following: welding time and welding current, electrode pressure. In order to verify the welded galvanized steel grating quality, welding time and welding current and electrode pressure relationships between, through practice and did a few experiments: one: first, prepare two groups zinc coating thickness of hot-galvanized steel mesh panels and galvanized steel grating. Two: each deburring and chamfering, polishing of the surface. Three: each of them is a group of welding processes and joint strength tests, use different welding time and welding current, electrode pressure. IV: according to the results, a computer regression analysis, these materials are obtained by steel mesh panels in a variety of welding current, welding and electrode under the pressure of the weld nugget diameter or Tensile-shear strength of joint curves as well as spot welding splash critical curves.