Pickling Of Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Grating Method

Galvanized steel mesh plates in the process of hot rolling and cooling process, the soft appearance of hot-dipped galvanized steel grating with a layer of thickness approximately level layer of 7-15ion. Mirror its layout depends on electron emblem, indicating that this right is Fe3o Fe203 and consisting of Fel, Fe304, galvanized steel mesh panels in Central District and Fe2O1, Fe () below 57010 ju degree under slow cooling conditions is now differentiated into Fe3q. , Galvanized steel grating in cold-rolling processes to attack crushing. after pickling with a neat appearance of residual iron oxide. Weng between also affect the Strip together. Strip in into people acid slot zhiqian, usually are using spray pills, and two silver mill rolling or stretch praised song straightening straight on strip appearance of level of layer for broken disposal, some of Board of layer will and strip Tomb body separation dropped, to behind of pickling in the save has most time. for acid liquid can directly penetration to rice of layer of most inside speed up has oxidation layer and strip matrix of separation and acid liquid and the oxidation layer of chemical reactions process.