Steel Grating Clips Style

A method of steel grating: use welding and clips (steel grating installation clip) fastened in two ways. Advantage of welding is permanently fixed, not loose; clips of advantage is not destroyed by the hot-dip zinc coating and easy. The safest method is not under direct apply screw head on the beam to ensure steel grating clips will not loose and slipping off the beam. Welding applied to actions without disassembly of parts, such as around the platform, instead of clips does not destroy the zinc layer and removal of convenient features. Clips for all series of steel grating, and under a clip, M8 or M10 Hexagon socket head bolts. Welding method is fixed: steel grating on each corner of flat steel, weld is not less than 20mm, the high angle of not less than 3mm welding. Using clips fixed method: each plate at least four sets of clips, to span large plate on the best available support installing a few more.