Steel Grating Manufacturing Method And Its Characteristics

Steel grating manufacturing method and grating is characterized by a negative bearing steel and rail is put by distance by Wei, 200 ton hydraulic resistance welding automation equipments ' welding plate, after incision and opening holes, hemming processes of processing of, the vast number of goods needed by our customers. Loaded flat steel distance are two adjacent loaded flat steel in the distance, the most common are 30MM,40MM two. Rail distance: the distance between two adjacent bar is usually 50MM,100MM, both can be produced according to customer requirements. Steel grid gate Board according to is according to customer needs set business various type of steel grid Board steel grid gate Board of strength high, has anti-corrosion function, durable, steel grid gate Board of shape beautiful, surface bright Ze degrees good easily accumulated pollutants, not product snow, not water, can itself cleaning, maintenance convenient, steel grid gate Board ventilation sex, and thermal sex, anti-sliding sex good, easy split, and loaded,.